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Peer-reviewed papers in international journals  (ISI)

Araújo, D. (2007). Promoting ecologies where performers exhibit expert interactions. International Journal of Sport Psychology, 38(1), 73-77. (IF=0.474). (pdf)

Araújo, D., Davids, K., & Passos, P. (2007). Ecological validity, representative design, and correspondence between experimental task constraints and behavioral setting: Comment on Rogers, Kadar, and Costall (2005). Ecological Psychology, 19(1), 69-78. (IF=1.043). (pdf)

Chow, J., Davids, K., Button, C., Shuttleworth, R., Renshaw, I., & Araújo, D. (2007). The role of nonlinear pedagogy in physical education. Review of Educational Research, 77(3), 251-277. (IF=2.600). (pdf)