• Published 6 September 2011

    The project “Development of video-based motion analysis in team sports: measuring performance and intervention effectiveness” submitted for R&D Projects by Dr. Duarte Araújo (PI of the Project) received today from the Evaluation Panel the overall rating of “Excellent” being recommended for Funding. This project holds a partnership with YDreams and the Chemical Department of the FFCT. The total funding granted was € 138.507,00.

  • Published 19 July 2011

    On the 18th July 2011 Dr. Matt Dicks from the Faculty of Human Movement Sciences, VU University Amsterdam (The Netherlands) visited our lab. A meeting with Dr. Dicks was held in this date in the SpertLab where he presented his PhD studies (PhD degree obtained at the University of Otago in New Zealand with Chris Button and Keith Davids).

  • Published 18 July 2011

    From the 12th to the 17th July members of the SpertLab participated in the 13th European Congress of Sport Psychology held in Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal. Amongst the several modes of participation (symposia and poster sessions), it is worth of noting the Symposium entitled “An ecological dynamics approach to studying behaviour in team ball sports” of the entire responsibility of members of this lab! Chaired by Duarte Araújo, this symposium embraced the following communications: “Varying initial conditions of a 1vs2 rugby task affects decision-making behaviours” (Vanda Correia); “Spatiotemporal constraints on interception of a passing ball in team sports” (Bruno Travassos); “Basketball players coordinate their action with opponents constrained by their position relative to the basket” (Pedro Esteves); “Do professional football teams behave like superorganisms?” (Ricardo Duarte).

  • Published 7 July 2011

    On July 8, from 11.00 to 17.00, will take place in the Faculty of Human Kinetics the Advanced Studies Course of the Doctoral Seminar in the speciality of Sports Training. The theme is "SportsExpertise and Neuroscience" and will be taught by Duarte Araújo (FMH-UTL) and Ana Maria Abreu (FMH-UTL).

  • Published 6 July 2011

    On the 4th July 2011 the SpertLab offered high school students participating in the Summer School "Verão na Técnica" the life experience of investigation in expertise and expert performance. The activities carried out aimed at showing some of the equipment used in investigation in sport expertise but mainly to provide participants the opportunity to run themselves research tasks. Namely, they had the experience of investigating ball interception actions using ball projection machines, and software applications to data analysis.

  • Published 22 June 2011

    The PhD students Pedro Esteves, Ricardo Duarte and Vanda Correia are currently at Cincinnati (Ohio, United States) attending the American Psychological Association’s Advanced Training Institute on Non-Linear Methods for Psychological Science (June 20-24). Additionally, the students visited the Perceptual Motor Dynamics Laboratory from the Department of Psychology of the University of Cincinnati.

  • Published 23 May 2011

    Dr. Perla Moreno from the University of Caceres (Spain) is visiting our lab from the 23th to the 26th of May. A meeting with Dr. Perla will be held in the SpertLab on the 23th May 2011 at 2pm for presentation of her investigation in decision-making in volleyball.